About Us

Asante Real Estate Investments is a privately held real estate investment firm that acquires and develops high-quality residential income properties that deliver value-added capital appreciation and industry-leading cash-flow in our target markets - Seattle, Palm Beach and Phoenix.

We differentiate ourselves through our relationships, reputation, speed of execution, and a broad perspective and expertise in acquisitions, dispositions, asset management, leasing, development and real estate finance.

Asante Real Estate Investments




Asante’s approach to investing in real estate is built on the ability to foresee opportunities and the practical knowledge to turn those opportunities into results. Our commitment to environmental sustainability — to using natural resources efficiently — rests on the same foundation.

Energy efficiency is a top priority and our approach to sustainability is multi-faceted, cost effective, and comprehensive, covering building certification programs, tenant space, energy cost reduction, water conservation, and recycling programs.

Sustainable buildings provide a better living environment for tenants, increase building efficiency and reduce operating expenses. Our approach to sustainability is the same our overall investing strategy – implement smart, proven, cost-effective solutions that provide value to tenants and the building owner.

We maximize our utilization of renewable energy. In addition, we have implemented a comprehensive recycling and management program designed to achieve a goal of 80% recycling at our properties.

Finally, we use active "green cleaning" programs that use eco-friendly cleaning products, equipment and methods – with no increase in cost compared to old cleaning methods and positive tenant feedback.



Asante maximizes return of capital investment by acquiring and managing attractively priced properties in supply-constrained or distressed markets.

We add value by repositioning and making strategic capital improvements that enhance or reinforce the property's market value and marketability, aggressive leasing that minimizes vacancy factor, executing operating improvements that reduce operating costs, increasing energy efficiency and sustainability, and by implementing transaction sourcing and structuring that builds upon Asante’s experience deploying efficient legal, tax, and ownership structures.

Financing We ordinarily acquire properties for all cash, and then we utilize moderate leverage through prudent rate-protected financing for the underwritten hold period.

Consideration of Exit
We continuously assess exit timing and opportunity based on asset performance, economic and local market conditions, and the strength of prospective buyer demand.

Privately held real estate investment firm that acquires and develops residential income properties and delivers value-added capital appreciation and industry-leading cash-flow.